Unveiling the profitability in the ecommerce sector

E-com 360 summit

The birth of giants in the E-commerce Industry can succinctly be made possible with having a great E-commerce mentor or trainer.

A Giant begets a giant, means to say a child of a giant can’t be a dwarf or can’t beg to be tall, in the process of time, he will definitely be tall.The association a man rolls with can either make or mar you, hence your success can be determined by the association you mingle with and your association can also rob you of your success.

The Essence of mingling with the right association of E-commerce giant is to as well become a giant and this can only happen when you are mentored and trained by them , you eat the content they eat, do what they do, learn from their mistakes.

Ginido llc is an E-commerce company determined to train and mentor people in the e-commerce business and redefine e-commerce in Africa.

In this light we organize a free training for people, who are interested in growing in the e-commerce sector tagged E-com 360. Ecom 360 is a program set out to groom Individuals, SME’s to become giants in the Ecommerce Sector. 

Where We Train

Upcoming entrepreneurs

Existing entrepreneurs

small scale business men and women

Large scale business men and women

 On how to start an Ecommerce/mini importation business, and not just starting, but how to make sales, skyrocket sales, how to use digital marketing to reach targeted or specific audience.

We have done the lagos Edition and we are set to welcome those in Dubai.

Ecom 360 Dubai Edition is this weekend the 19th of February 2022

E-com 360 summit is a free training put together by Ginido to help sensitize more people about the ecommerce industry ,helping you to know the major areas of profitability in the ecommerce business and also online tools that can be used to sky rocket sales. 


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Bisi Akintayo

E-commerce and money Coach

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Bukola Lukan

Mind and Affirmation Coach

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Gabriel sowole

CEO kayshow concept

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Patricia famoriyo

CEO Soteria gifts andsouvenirs

If You Were Not Born Into Wealth It Is Not Your Fault But If Wealth Doesn't Come Out From You It Is Your Fault."

Bisi Akintayo
E-commerce and money Coach


We have Compiled most frequent questions asked and our answers to them

Ecom-360 summit hold on Saturday 19th of February 2022

Physical event hold @

Al Moosa Tower 2 – Office 2404 – Dubai

Virtual event holds live on ZOOM

 This is a Free training Program

Training is valued @ $100

Only Limited seats are available

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