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Nigeria's history has been one story to another story that majority people blame the past and present politicians for the current situation of Nigeria. However, what I am about to reveal to you has nothing to do with Nigeria but has a lot to do with you. What category of freedom are you aiming for? is it possible or does it seem impossible? Nevertheless, in the circle of every challenging situation, brace up because the worse thing is not actually happening to you. There are people in situations you cannot survive but guess what, they are surviving. I have not experienced anything more frustrating than being broke at a time. Money is the root of all evil but also the pathway to living the good and fabulous life you aspire to have.

Join me and many others at the income acceleration conference themed "GAINING INDEPENDENCE THROUGH WEALTH CREATION". Amazing speakers, entertainers, and activities such as giveaway and a visit to the orphanage are moments you would enjoy. Giving is receiving. Click Below link To register for the conference. Seats are limited.

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Gaining Independence Through Wealth Creation



Bisi Akintayo

MD Ginidollc


Dipo Adesina



Opeyemi Awojobi

Sponsorship/Product Placement Manager for Tolaram Group


Dayo Israel

Business Consultant

Gaining Independence Through Wealth Creation

I can empathize with many people who fall victim of fraud, it’s not their faults most times, it’s poverty . That’s what happens when people prefer to pay several times for something they can pay for just once, simply because it’s very cheap . The problem is that their stupidity makes them forget that by the time they have paid for that item severally, they would have bought the original and saved some money . Why not learn from the experts by clicking the below link to register.

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25A, Lola Holloway Street, Omole Phase 1, Lagos


November 5th & 6th, 2020


Email: info@ginido.com